Ski In/Out Information

Beaver Creek Ski Resort Winter Activities

Ski In/Out Information

How to Ski Out

Behind the hot tub, you will see a path to your left leading down hill.

Take this path and go right at the bridge across the creek.

Then keep left to continue downhill to the Elkhorn Chair Lift (#14)

Have an awesome day!

*Note: This lift typically opens mid-December and closes at the end of March.*

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How to Ski In

We recommend you try to make your last run of the day under the Strawberry Park Express Lift (#12). The easiest way down from there will be Primrose to Intertwine.

As you come down, you will see the Oxford Skiway on the left. Take this! (Look for ski patrol and go left!)

The Oxford Skiway will take you on a bridge over the road, then over a smaller bridge over the creek. Continue along this and you’ll enter Creekside Park.

Stay to the left and look for a sign that says: “To Townsend Place / Creekside”. Take this left over another small bridge over the creek. (*Note that if you pass the playground, you’ve gone too far!)

Once you have crossed that bridge, stay to the right and you’ll see Creekside’s [closed] pool. Stay right around the pool.

Continue following the path and you should be right back to the hot tub and ski club entrance!

Management’s Secret Ski In Instructions…

We understand that having your last run under the Strawberry Express Lift is not always possible. If you find yourself at the base near the Centennial Lift, you will need to walk across the skier bridge towards the Strawberry Park Express Lift and look for the Oxford Skiway. This is approximately 200 yards and can take some effort in the snow.

However, there is another way to get back in to Creekside. This does involve some walking as well, but it’s downhill and easier than crossing the skier bridge.

To do this, take your skis or snowboard off and ride the escalators down to the main village level. Go left towards the covered bridge.

Before crossing the covered bridge, you will see a walkway to your right that parallells the creek. Take this walkway downhill for approximately 50 yards until you are at a road. This is Avondale Lane. 

There is a cross-walk immediately to your left. Use caution and cross the road into a clearing – This is the Oxford Skiway! 

Pop your skis or snowboard back on, ski down to your right across the bridge, and you are in Creekside Park!  

Follow the regular ski in instructions from this point.

Frequently asked questions


How far is Creekside from the mountain?

Creekside is in the heart of Beaver Creek Village and has ski-in/ski-out access. The main Centennial Lift is appoximately an 8 minute walk (in ski boots!) and there is also a skier shuttle that runs throughout the day.

Do you provide shuttle service to the ski lifts?

Creekside at Beaver Creek does not have its own private shuttle, but Village Transportation provides complimentary shuttles on demand that can take you to Centennial Station, mear steps from the main Centennial Lift.

Please download the Village Transportation app in the App Store or Google Play for the ability to schedule pickups or for status updates about bus locations and arrival times. (The app is very similar to the Uber app.)


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Should I ski in and out or take the shuttle?

That’s up to you! Both are convenient and it will depend on what you’re more comfortable with. The shuttle will be faster to reach the Centennial base area, but the ski paths will be more convenient to those just looking to get right on the hill. If you feel ambitious, it is also a simple 5-8 minute walk [uphill] to that same Centennial base area.

What's the best way to get to ski school?

A skier shuttle from Village Transportation will be the most convenient way to get to ski school. These shuttles will drop you off at Centennial Station, mere steps away from the base of the Centennial Lift. Ski school meets right there!

The ski-out access to the Elkhorn lift is not advised to get to ski school. It’s possible, but it’ll take more time to get to the main base area – you might miss your scheduled lesson time!