Creekside Pet Policy

Creekside does not permit Guests to bring Pets upon the Creekside Project unless they are staying at the Unit at the same time as the Owner. Please do not bring a Pet with you as the animal will not be permitted upon the Creekside Project. No refunds or reimbursements of any kind will be issued to a Guest who arrives with a Pet and cannot occupy the Unit reserved as a result. Creekside does permit Service Animals per the Americans with Disabilities Act which is limited to dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. We encourage you to advise Creekside Management of your intention to bring a Service Animal with you in order to facilitate your check-in process. If your disability is not obvious you arrive, you may be asked if the dog is a service animal required because of a disability and what work or task the dog been trained to perform.

Please note that no accommodation will be provided for Assistance Animals for short term Guests. An “Assistance Animal” is not a Service Animal. The primary purpose of an Assistance Animal is to provide comfort, support or assistance to a person with disabilities without rising to the level of a Service Animal.  If you are a short term Guest please do not bring an Assistance Animal to the Creekside Project as the animal will not be permitted upon the Creekside Project. If you are a long term Guest you may request an accommodation for your Assistance Animal by providing to Creekside Management no less than 30 days in advance of your intended stay a request for such accommodation. In such request please provide the following to permit Creekside Management to make a meaningful review of your accommodation request. Please note that Creekside Management may need to request additional information if deemed necessary to inquire into and verify the asserted handicap or the necessity of the accommodation sought:

  1. A statement from a physician, psychiatrist, social worker, mental health or other professional that;
    1. You have a disability that impairs one or more daily life functions; and
    2. Your Assistance Animal provides support that alleviates at least one of the identified symptoms or effects of your existing disability.

If you have any questions about these requirements and restrictions please contact Creekside Management in advance of your stay or before you make your reservation